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New RISO EZ 5 series printers with 600 dpi perforation density on the master
make it easier than ever to get the beautiful results you want. Their advanced
engineering and versatility not only get the job done fast, but also lets you
work the way you want, instead of having to adjust your work style to the
EZ 5 series printers feature a control panel divided into two areas: a
primary area with physical buttons, and a secondary area with a touchscreen.
When using default settings, there is no need to access any of the functions
available from the touchscreen – all primary functions are conotrolled by
dedicated buttons for the ultimate in easy operation.

Key Features
PC connectivity
USB flash print
Enhanced image processing
RISO Editor
Expanded paper weight capacity
High print speed
Multiple colour drums
Convenient front operation
Easy ink setting
New master disposal box
New copy control system
Environmental friendly design

Compatible Accessories
RISO Auto Document Feeder AF-VI: N II
Card Feed Kit
RISO Job Seperator IV:N II
RISO Key Card Counter IV:N
RISO Network Card
RISO Controller IS300
Document Storage Card DM-128CF
RISO Sorter TM2500
Wide Stacking Tray
RZ Stand D Type1
RISO Stand N Type
Ink/Master Holder