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RISO’s EZ 370 series printers give you unmatched print quality at a genuinely
affordable price.
It starts with 600dpi perforation density on the master, and advanced RISO
image management technology to deliver smoother lines, more natural photos and
graduations, and legible type even at the smallest sizes. And there’s much more,
including A3 paper compatibility and advanced features such as the RISO i
Quality System to bring a new level of convenience, cost-efficiency and quality
to high speed printing.

PC connectivity
Intelligent flat bed scanner
Enhanced image processing
Expanded paper weight capacity 
Fast printing speed
Multiple colour drums 
Front operation
Easy ink setting
New master disposal box
New copy control system
Environmental friendly design

Compatible Accessories
RISO Auto Document Feeder AF-VI:N II
Card Feed Kit
RISO Job Separator IV:N II
RISO Key Card Counter IV:N
RISO PC Interface CArd USB 2.0
RISO Network Card
RZ Stand D Type1
RISO Stand N Type
Ink/Master Holder